January 22, 2012

1950's fever hits StarChild Designs!

Through most of 2011 StarChild has focused on expanding our signature 1920's and 1930's vintage styles, and we've had great fun exploring that classic era with gangster suits, flapper fashion and bright, flamboyant colors teamed with elegant classic cuts.

This year it's time to expand our vintage coverage, and to start we've been focusing on the quintessential 1950's...a time of dramatic change, and the birth of rock n' roll. To start 2012 off, I couldn't help but explore the rock n roll side...and the birth of the "Teddy Boy" fashion. Teddy Boys wore drape suit jackets with velvet trim collars, high-waisted drainpipe trousers and a high-necked, loose collared white shirts with the iconic maverick style tie. Think Buddy Holly style and you'll be pretty close!

So check out our brand new range of "Teddy Boy" suits for the fashion-forward guys out there, and lets get down and boogie!