February 13, 2013

Valentines Birthday Storehunt at 22769

A Tradition that never grows old
Exactly three years ago Manuel and myself opened 22769 ~ casual couture - and we started with a Valentines Storehunt. And of course this is one of our dearest traditions. So beginning NOW the Valentines Storehunt is on. You do not have to be in the group, all huntgifts are for 0 L$ and the gifts are also not to hard hidden. Just follow the path: Every section from the 22769 brand family has a gift for you - in words: [femme], [homme], [accessories], [vogue] and the newest addition [bauwerk]. Just look out for the LOVEsign (shown above), klick on it and you will get you price.
Like every year our theme is: It's our birthday, you come, we provide the gifts. Have fun everyone and remember: The hunt runs 14th - 28th February. Here is your cab.
Have a great Valentines Day. Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale