October 20, 2013

ORQUIDEA Exclusive Rain Sets @ Flawless Falling Leaves Cart Sale!

ORQUIDEA is participating in the Flawless Falling Leaves Cart Sale and Hunt running from 10/17 - 10/31.

The sale includes new and EXCLUSIVE items for only 50L plus FREE HUNT items from many of the designers from all over the grid.  Look for FALL LEAVES on the carts or very close to them.

For this event, ORQUIDEA is offering Rain Sets (boots, umbrellas with AO override hand hold animation, and scarves) in fun designs and colors.  Pieces can be purchased separately with the exception of the special 50L release which is a pair of fabulous Polka Dot Wellington Boots with matching umbrella.  All boots include rigged and non-rigged versions.

Click here to visit ORQUIDEA at the Flawless Falling Leaves Cart Sale.