December 15, 2010

$1 Christmas Outfits now available at StarChild Designs!

Once again, to celebrate all things christmassy, StarChild has released a whole new range of christmas costumes and clothing. From cute little elves to a sexy Santa, warm woollen jumpers and dresses to itty-bitty "santa's helper" costumes, we've got all your needs this Christmas time. Best of all - ITS ALL JUST $1 EACH! Below is a list of what's in-store NOW...and wether you've been "naughty" or "nice", Santa's got something in-store for everyone!
"Sexy Santa" costume
Christmas Sweaters in red, black and green
Christmas-themed underwear
"Christmas Elf" costume
Christmas-themed "Zoot Suit"
"Santa's Little Helper" costume
"Santa-Babe" costume
Winter-knit dresses in red and green
"Christmas Elf" costume
"Reindeer" costume
Wow! Merry Christmas indeed ;)