December 12, 2010

Final Huntsigns sent out

Greetings fellow merchants !

By today we sent out the new huntsigns (as shown here - with the red ribbon on it) with the groupinviter to the "What's The News" Group. Please exchange your old huntsign with the new one as soon as possible. Also: Do NOT join the group by your own. We also sent out today groupinvites to you with the right tag to post groupnotifications already. If you declined the invite or missed it please contact Manuel or myself and we will resend it again. And please do not be shy - happenes to us also often enough - lol.

In the vendorpackage we sent out today is a really huge notecard included - sorry for that in advance. I know it is a busy time in the year but if you can cramp some time in your schedule please take a few moments to read it - many things are clearified in there and there are some hopefully interesting options for you to advertise your business also :-)

That's all for today
hugz and *kissKiss*
Paco and Manu