May 11, 2011

Presenting LnL's Gothic Outfits G15 and G16!!

LnL G15-O19 is an impressive Vampire unisex outfit in black with discreet touches of red in the shape of a cross. The top and the pants (mod to fit to all shoewear) feature an elegant silklike texture. It comes with set of bluckled armbands, a straight collar and an elegant pair of boots. The black fine-rimmed glasses add a mysterious touch to the look. This outfit is completed by a coat bottom, ideal for the female and the male avatar. All accessories are resizable to fit impeccably.
G16-O98 is a spectacular unisex outfit in black. The top, the pants (modifiable to fit all shoewear) and the gloves display an exquisite embroidery in black which contrasts with a front zipper that also closes the sleeves. A black cravate is topped by two options of buttons, one of a majestic ruby and one of a grey celtic cross. The outfit is completed by a collar, and a coat bottom for the male avatar plus a gown skirt, open in the front, for the female avatar and a cross belt buckle. All accessories are resizable to fit wonderfully.
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