May 13, 2011

The SKATE'N SURF Hunt is about to begin

The Skate'n Surf Hunt is about to begin. It starts on the 14th May 2011 and I want to take the opportunity to proudly present some of the gifts you can find in this summer sports and fun hunt for her - but also for him (since there are many male items also in the hunt).
The best thing: you can jump directly to the shops and do the hunt from there since the hunt is a loop and leads you back to the shop again when you finished. Oh - and you are looking for a neat little surfboard.

This wonderful retro beach and swimwear can be found at Starchild Designs.

KUMAKI is donating these wonderful headphones.

And what are headphones without some great tunes - Blue Sky gift a complete DJ booth with animations!
Also - the "What's The News" guys care for hunters: The groupgift of the hunters group - the "What's The News Group" - gave away this stylish hunting clothing. You can get it in the old groupmessages ^^

So what are you waiting for - jump in your huntingshoes, take the gifted hunter gear and be ready for the summer fun SKATE'N SURF HUNT. The hints will become published on the What's The News Homepage tomorrow 0:00 SLT (when blogger does not bug it up).