August 7, 2011

Saris Creation's : I am honored to have a member yet

Fashion Forward was produced by Dolce Enderfield of DEJAVOGUE, directed by Spooky Mistwallow of Kastle Rock Couture and hosted by yours truly, Sophitia Ophelia.

Special thanks goes out to Spooky Mistwallow, Sophitia Ophelia, Veronica Krasner & Gregg Torros.

We'd like to thank the designers of: Electric, Saris Creations, Cero Style, Mohna Lisa Couture, Snow Paws, Flower Dreams Creations, Mouilliez, and of course, Kastle Rock Couture for their involvement and cooperation in this wonderful show.

The Fashion Forward show was created in partnership with the Fashion Forward Hunt that kicked off today and ends September 7th.

Special thanks for the models: Calista Ella and Suga Leakey