August 13, 2011

New items at RT Designs!

This week has marked the beginning of many new things. RT Designs has moved to it's new parcel, that move provoked the necessity of finding a new building (And I got a pretty one, if I do say so myself!), and I've made the decision to start a blog, as well as a Twitter page.

I've been working as a freelance blogger for awhile as well, most notably at !-[LoveFactory]-, and I figure that I should start to do some work to promote my own business as well! :)

So let's get to it, shall we? ;)

Texture change PersianAll the following things are my newest releases. I'm assuming that if you want to see the older releases, you'll either stop by my store on the Marketplace, or better yet, visit my store in-world.

Ok, ok - enough of the self-promotion. Let's get to the beauty, shall we?

First up is this beautiful persian rug - 10 different persian textures, all of them more beautiful than the other - all on this sculpted prim which really makes the rug come to life. Yours for only $120L, either on the marketplace (click the pic to come to the MP page) or in-world!

VanityNext, something that I hope all you Second ladies out there will enjoy. Or Second transvestites, transgendered, or those of you who are just plain experimenting.

Motivated by a hunt that RT Designs will be participating in next month, I had to think of something that would "alter an avatar's appearance".

Since I make furniture, the only thing I could think of was making a sofa you could put on your head. Not sure that would be too popular.

But, maybe a vanity where an avatar could sit to check out their appearance? Maybe a vanity that could help boost your self-confidence by giving you a compliment every time you clicked on it? Yeah... great idea :)

All yours for only $99L!

rubber duckieAnd last, but not least?

A rubber duckie!

Floating in a pond!

In a circle!

Not sure what else I can say about this one, peeps. Other than the fact that you can grab it for $199L and it's shown right out at the entrance to the store, so you can't miss it!

Ok, how was that for a first post? Do you approve? Do you like? Does it make you go "Ooooh!"?

Then feel free to comment, feel free to follow, feel free to print out a copy and rub it all over yourself. It's all good - but let me know, whatever you do!

Hope to see you soon at RT Designs - there's always something to see, and plenty of freebies too, on the Midnight Mania board and lucky chair - and group gifts outside in front of the entrance! Say hi when you stop by, and I'll keep the coffee warm for you!