January 10, 2012

Room for your Ideas

Houses and skyboxes are - most of all - a matter of personal taste. And second life offers a wide range of prefabs to serve this need. Often enough the creations are limited by the size and the roomdivisions. But the good news is: there is a loft from [bauwerk] that has enough room for your ideas (35 x 40 meters). Even better: the Skyloft is modify - so you can make your own rooms just as you want them to be. And by far the best news is: this skyloft is only 10 L$ til 16th January as limited offer. So this is a true steal!
I went in my skyloft for a gallery kind of look - and the cubechairs - also from [bauwerk] - are just the perfect furniture for it. I hopped over to The Gallery Gift Shop and bought an adorable painting from Gabrielle Swindlehurst. And see - that is the good thing about The Gallery Gift Shop. Not only you can find neat clothing and outfits - you also find amazing art there to spice up your virtual life and make a skybox something you can call "Home".

For my look i took the new released hairbase "Sideburn Point Black" from MIAMAI and the Rewey Goggles from K_gs. The doublesweater and the scarf are the huntgift from the "Whatever Hunt" from 22769 ~ casual couture and did not cost even a penny.

Prefab: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Skyloft
Chairs: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - cube chair leather
Painting: Gabrielle Swindlehurst (TGGS) - Picking up Pinecones
Hairbase: MIAMAI - Sideburn Point Black
Glasses: K_gs - Rewey Goggles
Jumper and Scarf: 22769 ~ casual couture - Whatever Hunt Gift