February 10, 2012

Love for Free

Two years ago on Valentines Day 22769 ~ casual couture opened their gates in the virtual world for the first time. And they kicked off with a Valentines Storehunt. And so it became a tradition that the guys make another Valentines Storehunt every Year at their anniversary. This time it is called "Once more with Love".

So jump to 22769 ~ casual couture, click on the huntsign on the eventswall (shown above) and you receive a notecard with the beginning of a love story and the hint for the first hideout. If you find the item you receive a part of the outfit (one for men, one for women) and also the sequel of the story with the next hint. There are 5 items hidden at 22769 ~ casual couture and if you found all of them you will have the outfits in the first picture (including the shoes) as reward.
The hunt runs 10th February - 20th February - so better hurry up and bring your significant other with you for some doublehunting fun. ^^