July 8, 2011

Pirates of Sunny Island

The Skulls'n'Bones Hunt is up and running and pirates are the summer topic anyways. So the Skulls'n'Bones Hunt is your chance to gain a lot of fantastic pirate items for low money.
22769 ~ casual couture created this pirate cabin boy contining breeches, a ripped linnen shirt a bandana and a fabric wrapped around your waist. The prim parts are easy to fit and the outfit - of course - is unisex.
So wait not any longer - look for the small treasure box in the 22769 shop. Oh - and with this hunt you have to pay 1 gold doubloon (aka 1 L$) for the huntgift - otherwise the curse of the pirates will follow you in your wet grave and beyond ;-)
Here is your cab to the store.