July 3, 2011

Skull and Bones Hunt and New Pirate Outfit Release!

Outfit 138 is fantastic! This pirate is wearing a buttoned jacket (worn as a shirt), dark blue pants (mod) and gloves with shirt flares (resizable). It also brings one coat bottom for the female avatar and one for the male avatar, a collar, plus a belt with a flintlock gun, a sword and a pair of boots (resizable).

All pirates need a pirate hat! So, to go with this outfit, you might like to have the dark blue pirate hat, decorated with a golden adornment and two feathers (on the poster, but NOT included in this package, as it is a prize (1L) for the ongoing Skull and Bones Hunt that lasts between July 1 and July 31 - hint giver by the hunt posters).
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