January 21, 2011

Casual gadgets

22769 ~ casual couture released two new outfits for leisure days.

The left look contains a grey longsleeve with golden embroiding and the doublecuff jeans with sculpted cuffs and belt.
The right outfit owns a folkloristic longsleeve with crushed denims (also with sculpted belt and cuffs) and a leg bandana.
Both outfits have two different cuffs for the left and the right arm. The left arm is bound up with a nice detailed leatherband, the right one is loose. Also both looks have that special gadget: you can change the inner cuffs textures of the doublecuff jeans with a mouseclick. Same goes with the legbandana. Both gadgets have 3 textures loaded.

The perfect opportunity to give your casual look the right twist.
Both outfits can be found for 170 L$ each here.