January 17, 2011

Special knitdress release at the Couturiers Loft

For the new Couturiers Loft exhibition we reworked one of our top sellers: The knitdress with its splendid wearing options. The mustard version of the dress is only available at the Loft (which is pretty much the same like The Dressing Room-Event).
The knitdress has three wearing options to fit your style, mood or enviroment. The long dress is just way cute and the perfect outfit for a walk on a chilly afternoon or even a first date. It has that special cuteness twist with the silkribbon and the long knitted skirt.

There is also the mini dress option in the package wich gives you an elegant and rather sexy look. You want to go clubbing, to a bar or to some fancy event? With only a view klicks you transform the cute dress to this sophisticated miniskirt dress.

And finally a rather casual look. The dress becomes a jumper and the vintage jeans are also included in the package. Spending a night at the beach by the fire with your significant other? No problem with this option.

The mustard knitdress comes with all possible layers (stylingcard for the three different looks included!), sculpted turtleneck, cuffs skirt and ribbon, the sculpted legwarmers and the vintage jeans with sculpted cuffs. The mustard version of the dress is only available at the Couturiers Loft for just 100 L$. Your cab to the loft is here.
The knitdress grey and sand are still available in the 22769 ~ casual couture store with the same wearing option for 210 L$. Your cab to the store is here.