January 17, 2011

New Exhibit opens today at ACC Alpha

While you're at the Museum Shop (on ACC Alpha) hunting for your ancient scroll, make sure to follow the arrow in the garden which leads to the nearby museum. Gina Broono has just installed her architecturally inspired exhibit "AKA Gina Broono". Today is the opening of the show. I've asked the artist to lecture about her installation, and will post that event here when a date has been chosen. Until then, enjoy this colorful geometric presentation of an architect's vision. Any questions, please contact me: Haveit Neox... and enjoy the hunt!

About the exhibit:

As Known As



shown at ACC ALPHA {North Wing of the museum}

January 17 to February 28, 2011

Gina Broono is the alter-ego and Second Life persona representing a real artist and American Architect. She takes her inspiration from Palladio for the axial plans of her master plans and structures, Mies for the quote “ Less is More”, Wright for the connection bringing the virtual nature in, Ando for purism and Colpo for the virtual designs . The intention that the visitor should have an uplifting experience when in her creations is the ultimate goal of all her designs.

Gina is also an avid photographer and all her creations have composition for a photograph in mind. How will an avatar look like in this view, where is the sunset, how does the water relate to the land mass and the structure. She is passionate about sustainable design in SL as much as in RL. Social behavior and how architecture can affect behavior is one of her passions she likes to explore.

Gina likes to think of this exhibit as the exhibit of a Renaissance woman that includes several arts, her architectural designs, photography, real art within the photographs and her stylistic skills as evidenced by the way she fashions her avatar’s look and image. The exhibit is shown on 5 sided triangular exhibits, maximizing prim usage.

Gina participated in several avant-garde performance art events with NicoleX Moonwall, Vaneeesa Blaylock and Pixel Reanimator to name a few. Her art can be seen in-world at both her Galeria Gina Broono and Galerie Gina Broono NYC. She has been a curator at the FLWVM where she designed exhibits and gave lectures and is currently on the staff of the Virtual Museum Inc. Gina has been featured twice in Aquila Blinker’s Agora Blog where she is also a contributing photographer.