January 16, 2011

The return of the guy in shades - 49L$ JAUNTY SALE FOR DUDES at 22769

The guy in shades is back - that means: 16th January til 22nd January you can receive items from top menswear designers for just 49L$ each.

For the new JAUNTY SALE we created two outfits. On the left we see the "Linnen Cargo Pants Outfit" containing some cargo pants with sculpted legs and belt and a bleedes tee with sculpted bottom and cuffs. On the right there is the "Greenish Hoodie Outfit" containing the hoodie with sculpted cuffs, hood and bottomprim and some dirty blue denims with sculpted cuffs.
You can find both outfits in the store. Just take your cab here (look for the hot pink arrow above the vendors).
For all information about the JAUNTY SALE check their webpage.